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About Snugcoin

Snugcoin combines many types of industries in the same marketplace to provide a unified loyalty system based on blockchain in a gamification model.

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How it works

 Business owners purchase Snugcoins to distribute to their community online and offline

Consumers browse online, purchase goods, checkin, interact with the community and gain Snugcoins

Consumers can purchase goods with Snugcoins on our global marketplace or exchange them to real money

Benefits for the business owner

Build a stronger relationship with your loyal customers and improve the return rate of the new ones

Never have to think about what gifts to offer to loyal customer when you reward within our network

Onboard the blockchain network and have the possibility to sell goods with virtual currency

Benefits for the Consumer

Have all your loyalty in your pocket from restaurants, online/offline shops, hotels, airlines …

Get rewarded real and tangible goods/money while ordering your coffee, booking a hotel or purchasing

Benefit from the unified marketplace to redeem your activity with the wide rage of gift choices or even real money!

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